More Feathered Visitors

Our backyard is aflutter with birds since we put up the new birdfeeder which hangs on a wire between two palm trees. It’s almost impossible to get photos of the birds actually on it, as I have to go out of the screen room door, and no matter how quietly I try to open it, they always sense my presence and are gone in the blink of an eye. My best option is to lurk by my bathroom window and take a shot as they land on a tree.

We have two pairs of Cardinals who are regular diners at our little restaurant.


The beady-eyed Grackles descend in a gang and completely take over the feeder, whilst the other birds and Sammy squirrel hop around underneath picking up the seeds that fall to the ground.


Hubby and I are very excited to soon be going off on our travels again to England and South Africa. We’ll have happy family reunions and also there’s my Mom-in-Law’s 105th birthday to celebrate in August.

Happy Thursday to you all.





29 comments on “More Feathered Visitors

  1. I like your Cardinal … He is so colourful! Have a wonderful holiday visiting family… And enjoy your mother-in-law’s 105 birthday…. amazing!

  2. Lovely to have the birds in the yard. Always enjoy our bird visitors as well. Enjoy the travels and have a safe trip and congratulations to mom in law – what an achievement!
    Take care and regards

  3. I’ve had the same issue with the screen door happen to me, Sylvia. The best I can do, since none of my windows face where our birds are, is sit and enjoy their beautiful musicals. Your photographs showcase their colors so well. Happy Mother-in-law Birthday Wishes. Safe travels ..!!!
    Issy 😎

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