Tulips On Tuesday

The pot of pink tulips in the kitchen is a lovely sight to see. Through the window, can be seen my favourite orchid just above the fish pond. This faithful Vanda blooms every few months and the flowers last for a very long time. What a bargain it was when we bought it about three years ago. I know the tulips won’t last very long, but they’re gorgeous to look at right now.

What are your favourite flowers to have around the house?

33 comments on “Tulips On Tuesday

  1. Since I live in the woods, surrounded by a very unique biodiversity, I’m attempting to tame the invasive species of plants around the house and replant with natives. So… tulips are definitely not on the list. We do have plenty of wild azaleas and irises and so many varieties of wildflowers- perhaps not quite as showy as the cultivated ones, but lovely none the less. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy your tulips. They are lovely and so cheerful.

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