Unmundane Monday: Feathers, Fish and Flowers

This past weekend was a very wet one here in Florida and  we didn’t even venture out of the house, preferring to cook at home and keep ourselves busy. I knew that as soon as the sun shone again, the plants around our pond would be absolutely sparkling. Of course, the goldfish did get a little wet, but didn’t seem to mind as long as they got their breakfast. Naturally, hubby got press-ganged into going out in the rain to feed them.


The Bromeliad which had been flowerless for some time, has suddenly sprouted three splendid purple spikes.


The pots of impatiens are positively glowing and my white butterfly orchid is looking set to pop a few more blooms.

dscn6419 2

The loving pelican pair look very happy in their winter home as they bask in the Florida sunshine. All in all, everything in the garden is lovely.


Wishing you all a great week.



65 comments on “Unmundane Monday: Feathers, Fish and Flowers

  1. Sighs deeply …. even though I am enjoying snow …. Just thinking of all that warmth and color makes me sigh. That too shall come soon. LOVED your images, Sylvia. Your gardens are beautiful! And that pond is something else. Wow!! 🌹

  2. Your garden looks beautiful. Some of the plants you have in your garden I can see I can see in Kew Gardens like the Bromeliad! I am sure you need the rain though! Flowers will be grateful too!

  3. It looks like you have a little garden inside your screen porch. It is so lovely and I am sure you have a place to sit near by for relaxing or have a breakfast… Little heaven, I can imagine.

  4. I have not seen a bromeliad flower like yours. I only saw the spiky red ones. Oh, I am so sorry that the goldfish got wet. I hope they were not too traumatized by the rains. 😀

    • There are so many different kinds of bromeliads. We have several around the pond area and some more in our front garden. They need little maintenance. 🙂 Yes, my goldfish tolerated the rain very well, but they seem to think that rain falling on the pond water is food and come up to gobble at the bubbles. I hope they don’t get wind. 😀

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