Iggys Are In Danger!

dscn4557Yesterday, hubby received an email from our home owners association, asking whether we would be interested in having our Iguanas shot once a month by guys with pellet guns, at a cost to each home owner of  ‘only’ $500 per year. Obviously not the bargain of the century. Of course, our reply to the email was in the negative.


I think that adapting to our environment is essential when moving into a neighbourhood. We should remember that animals were here before humans and in spite of the way that man recklessly abuses our beautiful planet, will most probably survive for much longer too.


We love to watch the wildlife here, but apparently not everyone feels the same way and the thing to do instead of enjoying it, is to complain about it. Some people really need to get a life and wake up and smell the roses as well as admire the birds and animals we are blessed to share our world with.


Apparently some of our neighbours are complaining that their plants are being eaten by iguanas. We have prevented this happening to our garden by planting only bushes and trees which the iguanas don’t find tasty. Our orchids and other delicious flowering plants such as hibiscus, cyclamen and impatiens are protected inside our screen room, which makes perfect sense to us. Anyway,  I really don’t welcome the thought of strangers with pellet guns roaming around outside my house. If it does happen, they’d better have good insurance in case they hit one of my windows or worse.


What do you think of my Iggys? Are they not perfect examples of their species, which is more than can be said of some humans?


Here is young Iggy Rock Star, the veritable James Dean of his species.  He could be the poster boy for the campaign against cruelty to his scaly brethren. Let’s hope James Dean’s quote, “Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse,” doesn’t come true for him.


I really don’t know what the answer is to the burgeoning Iguana population in Florida. One can hardly give them all birth control. All I know is that I would really miss seeing them around. I’ll let you know what transpires once the powers-that-be have come to a decision on the matter.

Have a great weekend dear friends.







75 comments on “Iggys Are In Danger!

  1. Good grief, is there no end to human insanity?

    If there was an email suggesting a pellet gun was turned on some of the more overbearing, loud mouth, flatulent ignoramuses you are sadly obliged to lived in close proximity with then I’d sign THAT email in a trice.

    Keep us updated, and I hope there is enough outrage that those responsible for this lunacy are told in no uncertain terms where to shove their pellet guns.

    • Thanks, Ark. Only just seen your comment here. I’d also sign the petition. 🙂 So far, only a small percentage of homeowners are willing to pay for the shooting of these harmless creatures. The committee now wants permission to subsidise those who want this service, out of the funds which belong to the whole community, but hopefully this won’t be allowed. Grrrrrr

  2. How hideous, people like that make me livid. How arrogant and self centred can they be. It will be interesting to see which of your neighbours take up the offer, any that do should be ashamed of themselves, grrhhh! Please keep us informed Sylvia, I hope the Iggys continue to thrive.

    • Hideous is a very good word to describe this suggestion. Nothing has been agreed upon yet and as I just told Arkenaton, one of my South African blog friends, There aren’t enough people who want these murders to take place on a regular basis to make it cost effective. The woman president of the committee was not pleased and called hubby ‘an iguana lover’. 😯

  3. It’s a sad situation with wild life in Florida. As horrific as it is to imagine, the iguanas are becoming a menace to certain areas. Here on Boca Grande the overpopulation is causing harm to people, children and small pets. Yes … it is our fault for encroaching on their environment and for dessimating their natural predators. Instead of killing them traps are being setup up so they can be relocated. With so many, the task is endless. The Everglades are being overcome with pythons. This is another destruction humans have caused. I don’t know the answer but safety of people, children and pets has to be thought about too. Let’s hope it’s a solution that can benefit all.
    Izzy 😎

  4. I was so surprised to read this…Thank you for standing up for wildlife and helping to protect them. It always amazes me the arrogance of humans with regards to animals and their rights and their lives.


  5. That is terrible. Your iguanas say it all the right things in their bubbles. You have done a beautiful post here. They are beautiful and add to this earth . Hope it will not be happening. Well surely not in our garden!

  6. Awesome looking creatures. And it’s funny u should post this now, there was a big thing on TV about these critters. And the stupid people who brought them into Fl.
    But the show went on to say .. not very good things about these poor guys.
    Good luck, and I’m with you, I would not partake in that either. Have a wonderful super bowl Sunday Sylvia

  7. Human beings created this imbalance in the first place. Are they now capable
    of properly correcting their mistakes without further problems arising?
    I do not blame you one bit for not wanting any animals killed for sake of ‘control’.

  8. If you were living in a proclaimed nature reserve I’d entirely support any efforts to get rid of the iguanas, considering that they’re not native to Florida. But seeing as they’re roaming a human settlement after being introduced there by self-same humans, my response is a resounding WTF!? Certainly then any free-roaming non-native species found in your neighbourhood should then be treated with the same prejudice, and that goes for stray dogs and cats as well as there’s no denying how destructive those can be to native wildlife. And of course all those nasty invading non-endemic garden plants should be rooted out as quickly as possible too!

  9. I totally agree with you! Have you mentioned how you have managed to work it out without death to iguanas being the solution? People are ridiculous!! And as you said, the idea of people out shooting with pellet guns sounds like it could lead to problems

  10. I am just amazed that some people think they should shoot whatever fits into their idea of an ideal environment. Hope the population of Iggys will survive. They are beautiful creatures as you is evident in your lovely images.

  11. The depressing part is .. I’m sure many people would be happy to have the iguanas shot .. pellets or otherwise. Good for you growing the plants iguanas don’t like to eat. Great photos, especially the first shot.. magnificent!

  12. Their colors are amazing as is the clarity with which you’ve shot them Sylvia – btw the ONLY way people should be allowed to shoot them!!! Here’s hoping no one opts for the $500 removal. It’s despicable in so many ways😡😡

    • Thank you, Tina. Unfortunately there are upwards of twenty people so far who have expressed an interest in these gorgeous creatures being hunted. There is to be a meeting on the subject next month. The proposal will of course not get my approval. 😦

  13. I hope they aren’t shot! I would love to have them in my backyard. We have wild goats, deer, wild pigs and porcupines around our mountain house in Italy. We don’t fence them out or try to harm them. Like you we try to plant things they don’t like to eat, like lavender, rosemary ans peonies. We lose a few geraniums and roses each year and the porcupines ate all the dahlia bulbs I planted but we can live with that.

  14. I love this post! It’s funny in a sardonic sort of way. A perfect reply to your fellow homeowners. It reminds me of people who move here from the metropolitan are and complain about the smell of animal excrement. Ridiculous!

  15. Silvia, your homeowners association is not only unwise to firing at iguanas in close proximity of homes (and may hit pets as well), but they are probably in violation of State of Florida wildlife laws, as well as local restrictions by your police department. I would a) consult your state wildlife department at https://myfwc.com/ and b) consult your local police. It sounds like you have a real problem brewing. Save that email as evidence.

  16. We’re such a fabulous species in ourselves that we have the right to do this to other species, Sylvia. I do hang my head in shame at what some of my fellow humans do at times. Moan over! I love your photos, you have some lovely natural neighbours there.

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