Perry The Peli Practicing for Valentine’s.

Perry the Pelican was floating on the lake this morning and seemed to be practicing his heart shapes for Valentine Day.

No this isn’t quite right.


“That’s better, but I think I need to pull my neck back just a little bit further.


Aha…’s that for perfection?


Now in the other direction.”


If only I could just stand on my head, it would look even better.


Wow that looks so cool. Must be trick photography, but I’ll take it.

Wishing you all a very happy week.

51 comments on “Perry The Peli Practicing for Valentine’s.

  1. What fun, Sylvia. We don’t have pelicans around here, but in Baja California where our daughter got married, there was a colony of them. I really enjoyed watching them, but as I only had my phone, I couldn’t really get any great photos of them.


  2. Ha, ha, I think he is really looking forward to the day. I hope cupid finds him and her to get the arrows for both. Of course, the photog should have the credit for his success too!

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