My Family’s Tender Moments

Cee’s B&W Challenge this week is “Tender Moments.”

Many of our tender moments are experienced with family, and mine is no exception.

My sister-in-law with her sweet and much adored poodle Lucca, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago.


My grandson with the family cat, Ravioli. She is very much loved by all and has long ago learned to endure all the cuddles she gets.


My cute little grandson Max, cuddling up to granny.


Our precious daughter Mandy with her dad and loving her first visit to us in Florida. What a wonderful ten days we had together.


Our son comforting and encouraging his younger daughter Taylor when she suddenly got stage fright at the school concert.


Last but not least, me cozying up to Santa, hoping he had a present in his sack with my name on it.


Hope your weekend is a very relaxing and happy one.


57 comments on “My Family’s Tender Moments

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, Sylvia. What a sweet enduring post! Your family is so precious! Please tell your SIL I know how painful it is to loose a Loved Pet. BIG (((HUGS))) to her and to you!! Bless you! πŸ’ž

  2. Lovely to see your family in tender moments…your son is a lovely kind Dad isn’t he? And isn’t it lovely to spend a whole ten days with your adult child/daughter? We look forward to those times.

  3. So lovely to see some of the tender moments in your family, Sylvia! Loved all the pictures, but sorry to hear that Lucca passed away. You and Santa – a great picture ❀

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