A Photo A Week Challenge: Colourful

Nancy Merrill challenges us to post something really colourful for her ‘Photo A Week Challenge’.

I think this beautiful Monarch butterfly seen one day on my walk back down the path from the gym, qualifies.


We can post more than one photo, so I found a couple more from my travels. This is me in Phuket. The guy hanging free with his legs around my waist?…………Well, I never did get his name, but he brought me safely down again. What was I thinking? 😯


Not quite as adrenalin-pumping as the above experience, but exciting in its own way, is this colourful display of shoes in a New York store. Unfortunately, nothing I liked in my size.


Of course, sunsets are always good for a bit of colour and this one in Costa Rica was no exception.


To join in Nancy’s colourful challenge, just click this link.




40 comments on “A Photo A Week Challenge: Colourful

  1. Loved the Monarch! The parasailing adventure still has me in awe of you! It’s that adventurous spirit that keeps you so young and vibrant!

  2. Gorgeous photo of the Monarch butterfly in the middle of the equally colourful flowers. You are very brave (even with some help) doing parasailing. I bet it was wonderful, but not sure I could do it.

  3. A fantastic pick each and every one Sylvia….. a man hanging for you ?????? Good grief. I’m no adrenaline junkieπŸ˜‚πŸ₯΄. Love that butterfly. And that sunset….. just gorgeous !!! Have a good weekend my friend

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