Pull Up A Seat At The Garden Centre

XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat’ challenge showcases many places one can sit and rest one’s self either comfortably or sometimes not so comfortably, as is the case with this one I found at my sister’s local garden centre in South Africa.


Just around the corner, was this cute couple all snuggled up on a tiny bench in the shade.


If you have any photos of seats of any description which you’ve found on your travels, just click the link to be taken to XingfuMama’s challenge.



46 comments on “Pull Up A Seat At The Garden Centre

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  2. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s a bathtub like couch makes an appearance. But, it has soft padding in the film this one looks a interesting and hard to sit on. Still a few throw pillows or padding can fix it ( :

  3. Oh how quaint those β€œbenches β€œ are Sylvia.
    One day I’ll join this group :). Have a pleasant Sunday . It’s snowing here. Today, after having 68 degrees yesterday .. lol crazy. Spring

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