Pull Up A Seat At The Beach

Time for another ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ from XingfuMama. This week, let’s go to the beach and get some sand between our toes.

When we arrived at the Isle Of Palms ‘Wild Dunes’ resort near Charleston, where we were to stay the night on our drive from New Jersey to Florida, there was not a single person to be seen on the beach. In fact, the whole place seemed deserted.


The beach in Phuket which had been hit by a Tsunami just two years before our visit seemed just as unpopular.


In Umhlanga Rocks, things were a lot more lively as many spectators took a seat on the grass as well as on benches to view the annual Red Bull surfing competition.


Further along the beach, the rocks provided improvised seating for holiday makers.


What a great place to sit for a few hours, quietly reading or just watching the waves.


It seems that everyone loves to be at the beach.


It’s the most relaxing place to sit and do absolutely nothing.


I’m looking forward to going back there at the end of May.

Hope your Sunday is also very relaxing. If you would like to join in the ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’, just click the link.







52 comments on “Pull Up A Seat At The Beach

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  2. Well done Sylvia – I like the variety – from that empty vibe to the small crowd at Red Bull (with the swimming shorts on the ground- ha) to beach benches (we need lots more of those in the world) and little details were fun – like the the beach plants and those yellow flowers – the pastel houses in the opening shot – and ahhhh – the readers –
    Hope your trip in May is awesome

  3. Beautiful beaches, would have been better with a few more people I agree. Here’s to wishing you a better beach experience when you travel next. I am one person who does not love the beach at all. Maybe it’s because I grew up near a river that us younger girls were told never to visit because of murderous hippos. I have not been concerned about bodies since then, but take me to mountains and woods – ah, my day is made.

    • We’re all different in our likes and dislikes. I used to love lying on a towel on the beach, but as I’ve gotten older, I can’t take the sun anymore. I enjoy walking along the promenade and sitting on a bench looking at the waves. No hippos, just a few dolphins. 🀣

  4. I had a tremendous yearning for the beach when I lived in Utah. I’m so utterly happy to be living three short miles from the ocean waves. My heaven on earth!

  5. Phuket seems to have become remarkably unpopular. Surely people aren’t still afraid of another tsunami?
    Lovely spots to pull up seats, even if it is done by scooping up mounds of beach sand.

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