Turtle Party In The Swamp

Looks like the turtles are having a jolly get together in the swamp.


“Hey there, why not come over? We’re having a party.”


Little Tommy is a loner and prefers his own company.


“Sorry guys, but I really have to wash my shell.”


Theresa on the other hand, is always game for a party.


“Hey guys, don’t start without me! I’m paddling as fast as I can.”


Happy Thursday, everyone.

53 comments on “Turtle Party In The Swamp

  1. To me, they look like they are going for sun bathing. Since it would be a very long trip to a beach and I think they do not quite like salt water, they choose the pond instead.

  2. We have a family of terrapins living in a small moat around the bandstand in Tavira, Ad. You could have such fun choreographing parties for them. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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