Feathers On Friday: Three of A Kind

For my ‘Feathers On Friday, I’m participating in Nancy Merrill’s ‘A Photo A Week Challenge’. This week it’s three photos of the same subject from different perspectives.

Mervin Muscovy duck is quite a striking looking bird who doesn’t visit our backyard very often,


When he saw me watching him, he turned his back, as if to say in his best Greta Garbo voice, ” No paparazzi please. I just vant to be alone.”


Some time later, I spotted him having a siesta just outside my bathroom window.


Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

If you would like to take part in Nancy’s challenge, Just click the link.


43 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Three of A Kind

  1. Mervin Muscovy does look like he does not want his photo taken. He must like his privacy…like how he travels – not often around, maybe always incognito πŸ˜€

  2. He appears to have a big eye with a small red beck above his real beak. Yikes! Once I saw that, I had a hard time focusing on his real beak. πŸ™‚ Have a marvelous weekend, Sylvia.


  3. Another reminder that our winged friends have a greater understanding of what it means to live in the moment. I love the elegant profile. Great captures.

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