A Nectar And Pollen Beach Café

The birds and the bees enjoying a feast of nectar and pollen provided by this winter-flowering Greathead Aloe.


Only one more day left here at the beach before our 600 km drive up to our daughter’s house in Johannesburg. It’s been a wonderful month with lots of time spent with my sister and good friends. The sound of the crashing waves is music to my ears, something  I’m really going to miss,


76 comments on “A Nectar And Pollen Beach Café

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  2. I love this shot! ❤ I'd stay and watch it longer to see the birds enjoy themselves but if bees decided to have a feast, I'll run away as far as I could.

  3. Great photo. I lived within the sound of crashing waves for several years. At night when everything else was so quiet I often imagined the waves were about to swallow us up as we lay in bed… but I miss that sound for sure…

  4. I wish we lived closer to the sea to hear those crashing waves, but at least we are not so far away. I’d miss that location too, especially when in Johannesburg! But I am sure seeing your daughter and family will make up for it.

  5. The flowering Greathead Aloe looks wonderful. Enjoy the beach and crashing waves, and have a good trip to see your daughter…what a great holiday you are having.

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