Yes, We Have No Iguanas.

After almost two months away, I’m back home here in Florida and the first thing I noticed when I looked out at my backyard, was a distinct lack of iguanas. Some of you may remember my post about the proposed shooting of iguanas in our neighbourhood. It would seem that during my absence, the iguanas have been almost exterminated. Walking over the road to my neighbour’s house on Thursday, I saw a vehicle labelled ‘Iguana Control’, parked next to the kerb and as I walked up the path to her front door, I heard a couple of shots which alarmed me as they were so close. Apparently hundreds of iguanas have been killed in the past few weeks. I’ve only seen one sad and lonely-looking little fella since we got back, but no sign of him again over the weekend.


So it looks like there will be no more photos of these fascinating creatures on my blog.


I used to really look forward to seeing their hopeful little faces turned towards the sun.


Their gorgeous colour change as mating season progressed was always a joy to behold.


I did see Basil the basilisk lizard on his usual palm tree trunk, so good to know that he’s safe, although he didn’t look too happy. He must be wondering where all his friends have disappeared to.


The Great Egret was looking very unimpressed with all the goings on around here, as am I.


I wish you all a very good week. RIP poor Iggys.






109 comments on “Yes, We Have No Iguanas.

  1. I would think they would interfere with native species in one way or another, and it would be best to get rid of them, though the way to do it would be (ideally!) to catch them and then get them to where they should be, or to a zoo or something,. Sigh.

  2. People wouldn’t tolerate kittens being murdered in the trees if other people decided there were too many. I don’t know what the answer is, but killing and injuring them is not it. It’s just wrong and evil, in my opinion. Why is mass murder of these special creatures fine with anyone?! I’m glad to see others, such as yourself care about these beauties.

  3. Oh dear that sounds terrible! What were the iguanas doing that required their extermination? Good grief couldn’t they we caught and relocated? Shooting them in the neighbourhood?!!

  4. What’s wrong with just waving a sweeping brush at them to scare them off if you don’t like them? I can’t believe that people would pay to have this done! It’s obscene, Ad! Live and let live?

  5. Aw, that’s sad. 😦 Instead of shooting them, why don’t the control just relocate them? Are they doing anything to harm anyone? I’m not a big fan of iguanas but I don’t think it’s right to hunt them for no reason.

  6. Nature is pretty good at managing itself…if humans would just stay out of the way. Why does human species get to decide how things should be…we can’t even take care of our own selves
    Izzys are quite fascinating. Great pictures. Sad tale

  7. I was about to ask what impact on the environment this extermination will have until I saw a note that they are considered a “plague”. I guess experts studied the negative impact before taking drastic measures. I don’t like any sort of reptile, but it still seems such a shame that the iguanas are being gotten rid of.

    • Thanks, ZL. The Iggys that came to my backyard were no bother at all. If they climbed up the screen room, it was easy enough to scare them away with loud clapping or apparently a hose pipe blast is quite effective. 😅

  8. Yes, I am afraid of them but makes me so sad to hear this dear Sylvia, I don’t want none of them to be killed… Beautiful photographs. Thank you, Love, nia

  9. People try to fix the things they break (the environment),
    typically only to make things worse.
    Although sharing this sad news was difficult it had to be done!
    Thanks and bless your heart Sylvia! Welcome back!!

  10. I do remember your post, and I think that’s really sad. I agree with the commenter who points out that we as a species are the ones who introduce non-native species and then exterminate them when we find them inconvenient. I dislike culling of grey squirrels here for example, because they over-run the native red squirrels. Not their fault! And I see small children in the park getting just as much pleasure from watching grey squirrels as they would if they were red.

  11. I hate humans. Anything deemed a nuisance, shoot it. Like our local monkeys. The sad thing is that the attempt will probably fail. The population will regenerate like feral cats, and the extermination will go on and on.

  12. This just seems so ridiculous and heartbreaking . Why do humans think they have the right to kill wildlife?!?! It would be great if a group of people were to create an iguana sanctuary where they could live happily in peace on a parcel of land. I hate zoos but maybe the local zoo could do this? I mean really, they are not hurting anyone!


  13. Oh, dear Sylvia, how utterly upsetting this must have been to come home to. It’s a tragedy. There are better ways to manage the non-natives, geez. Hawaii prohibits iguanas in their state. I am bereft.

  14. That is so sad. It is the first time that I have head there is such thing as Iguana control in Fl. Based on what you described, they use gun for this too. That is horrible. I hope those people do not come to your property to do so.

    Yours beautiful pictures of garden friends help bring back a good feeling a bit.

    • Thanks, YC. Yes, they use pellet guns. 😦 They’re not allowed to come to my garden, as we don’t pay for the ‘service’. Unfortunately, the iguanas don’t know that ours is a safe place for them. 😦

  15. Oh no! What on earth is the justification for this? And then I read some of the other comments. Of course, we introduce non-native species and alter the ecology all to hell… then go around shooting or poisoning when the population explodes in an all too friendly new environment. Sigh… we humans (as a species) have a lot to answer for.

  16. No. This is just horrible. They are not dangerous or anything – This would never have been allowed here in Sweden. Sometimes we have hoards of birds here and people complain – but they are not allowed to shoot them. The only thing that is allowed is to shoot in the air to scare them off. And you have to have a license and a yes from the authorities to do it.

  17. Although not indigenous to Florida, the systematic extermination is beyond comprehension, as it seems no alternative to killing them was explored.
    Sad indeed.

  18. That’s just shocking! Has anyone explained to you why? Did they harm something or someone? I doubt it. I remember looking after “my Iggy Pop”, as I called him, when I was house-sitting and he was very tame with me and ate out of my hand.

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