Know What I Did this Summer?

It’s good to be home again after our summer meanderings. No sooner had we returned from South Africa and England, than we were off on a road trip up to New Jersey to visit our family. There was just enough time to get the laundry done and for hubby to hurriedly tidy up the patio area which had become a bit weedy during the six weeks we were away. Several orchids were in bloom, which was a lovely welcoming sight.


Our son was taking the last week of the school holidays off work and as he had a business meeting in Virginia on the Thursday before, suggested that it would be nice if we travelled up earlier than we’d planned, picking him up on the way so that we could have him all to ourselves on the five hour drive home. We of course jumped at the opportunity and were soon on our merry way. It’s just over twelve hundred miles from door to door, so we made two overnight stopovers, the first in Port Wentworth GA, known as ‘Savannah’s Front Porch’ and the second night in Fredericksburg VA, very handy for meeting up with him in Middleburg the following lunchtime.

In St. Augustine we stopped to buy some novelties for the three grandchildren, a pretty shell-covered trinket box for each of the girls and a real alligator head for Max. He was over the moon with it, but his mom seemed less than enthusiastic to keep finding it on her kitchen top and absolutely banned it from the dining table. She should just thank her lucky stars that the big alligator wasn’t for sale.


On the second day, at South Of The Border, we made our usual stop for Quesadillas and Chimichangas at Pedro’s restaurant.


Our son and daughter-in-law had organised tickets to an afternoon matinee on Broadway to see Aladdin, which was a real highlight for us all.


The family are all taking tennis lessons, so of course we had to go to the first day of the US Tennis Open. It was a really hot day, with very little shade and hordes of people with the same idea, but once we’d managed to get in, we enjoyed watching a few opening games. Thankfully I’d had the forethought to put sunscreen on, but hubby who is very anti-cream, got his knees and arms rather burnt.


A visit to the Metropolitan Art Museum the following day, had us all marvelling at the wonderful exhibits displayed there.


My personal favourite was this exquisite 1923 Tiffany window, titled ‘Autumn Landscape’ made solely from leaded Favrile glass with no paint added.


After being there for a week, we decided to leave for home a couple of days early because of the Dorian hurricane forecast which at that time included Florida in its path and we did the journey in two days instead of three. The last day was quite grueling, especially for hubby who did all the driving, but we had this friendly-looking cloud creature to cheer us on our way.


It was, as always a relief to get home again, and even more of a relief when Dorian didn’t visit our area at all. I think we’ll just spend some time right here in our comfort zone before we go off on our travels again. It’s far more relaxing.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend.











69 comments on “Know What I Did this Summer?

  1. Wonderful that you could get together with your family Sylvia. We watched a lot of the US Open albeit from our TV and out of the sun. I hope the hurricane didn’t cause any havoc for you other than that grueling drive.

  2. Looks like your orchids are extremely happy. I’ve been dithering about how to keep my plants alive while we roam the SW for perhaps a month. But know all too well that great feeling of returning home again. My travel bug seems to be getting more tame as the years add up! πŸ˜€

      • Last time we took a trip of about 10 days, I put all the plants in the shower with trays filled with pebbles and water and left a light on. They seemed to thrive, but it looks like the upcoming adventure might be quite a bit longer. Hope I can manage to keep from killing them all off. I don’t suppose you’d like to lend me Chris for a day or two?

  3. what a great summer indeed…
    and enjoyed the photos – esp.
    loved seeing the south of border and alligator pics – places many of us know from east coast rod tripping
    and what a great thing that Dorian did not bring damage –

  4. Did you see me wave to you as you passed up along the I-95 corridor through Maryland and Delaware? πŸ˜‰ That 1923 Tiffany window is magnificent. I am very glad to hear Dorian did not cause you any grief at home.

  5. Glad you were spared the Dorian fury and made it home safe and sound. That is a long road trip for a few days.. but sounds like it absolutely was worth the effort! Not sure about that alligator’s head though πŸ™‚ Way too weird.


  6. A splendid summer with many activities! I know the feeling of coming home and really loving it! How great Dorian did not mess up things for you. Wishing you a great weekend.

  7. Sounded like quite a lovely summer, Sylvia. So lucky you got to see Aladdin on Broadway and the US open in the same week. What a treat, and also a treat to have the family together. That really looked like a friendly cloud up in the sky. Sort of like a friendly monkey πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Carol. The beautiful window isn’t stained glass as such. The variegated surface was made by wrinkling glass in its molten state. Different color effects were achieved by embedding tiny, confetti-like flakes of glass in the surface. The superimposition of several layers of glass on the back of the window, added depth. It must have been an epic mission to create and apparently the billionaire who commissioned it never actually installed it in his home after all, so a couple of years later it was donated to the museum.

  8. Of course the highlight of your fabulous summer travels was the stop over in New Jersey!!!
    Since I live here in the Garden State I was looking forward to hearing about your adventures here. On the other hand if you raved about NJ too much you might have encouraged too many more people to settle here. So never mind, don’t bother…glad your other travels were wonderful.

  9. Lovely to read about your travels .. & always nice to get home…and we feel the same! I don’t know how tennis players cope with the heat in the US summer & the Aussie summer. I recognise that beautiful stain glass window from our time in NY… my favourite too. Pleased to read you avoided the Hurricane… now you can relax..πŸŒžπŸ˜€

  10. Lucky you to go to the Open. I spent hours watching on TV. Thankfully, Dorian passed you by and though it did do some damage further up the coast, it could have been much worse.

  11. Reminded me of the school days when we wrote essays about “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” … πŸ˜‰ …. Loved the stained glass! … Thanks for sharing the variety of your busy summer! Welcome back, Sylvia.

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