The Elusive Grandpa Igasho

Recently, I’ve been feeling quite doleful because of the hunting down and killing of iguanas in our neighbourhood, so it was a real relief yesterday to see Grandpa Igasho in our backyard. I first took a photo out of my bathroom window so as not to scare him away.


Then I crept outside, opening the screen door very quietly. He didn’t move and inch, so I guess he must have known that I meant him no harm and was only going to shoot him with my camera.


He really is a beautiful specimen and I’d miss him so much if he were to fall prey to the Iguana Control man who patrols here with his shot gun on a regular basis.


Alas, I don’t speak ‘Iguana’, or I’d tell him to set up camp in my backyard where, because I haven’t contributed to paying for the extermination of him and his mates, he would be untouchable.

Happy Sunday, everyone.





71 comments on “The Elusive Grandpa Igasho

  1. I have a bad feeling about this. How can people live with themselves? I’m afraid I’d be thinking of moving myself if this is what my neighbours think of the wonderful wildlife around them. Great photos Sylvia, the last one in particular is excellent.

  2. I just cannot understand anyone killing wildlife simply becase they don’t like them. Grandpa is beautiful I hope he survives. Lovely photos of him.

    The antics of the squirrels in my garden always make me laugh as they perform ther acrobatic moves in an attempt to steal the bird nuts. Last week, almost every day we heard random gun shots coming from woodland at the other side of our land, and sadly we haven’t seen a squirrel since!

      • I can only imagine someone didnโ€™t like the squirrels taking bird nuts, unless it was done for fun! Guns are hard to come by here with strict licensing, so Iโ€™m assuming itโ€™s someone from a nearby farm. Some farmers have shotguns. Thank you, I hope your iguana stays safe

  3. Very sad to think of grandpa Igasho growing to this size and now the possibility of being needlessly shot and killed. However, he might have figured out that your garden is a safe haven. I remember so many beautiful wild animals in Africa just killed for sport .(even worse). what is it about humans?

  4. That is a little sad to hear such thing. I don’t think they are vicious or attack anyone. I can understand they can look scary but not to the point of getting rid of them. I hope those hunter cannot come into anyone properties and only stay in the public places. At least they will have few safe places to live.

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