Pull Up A Seat And Entertain Me.

XingfuMama is on week 39 of her ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’. This week, I have a few images of seated musical entertainers.

The first one was taken in a London subway where there are often musicians hoping for donations from the passing throng.


These two musicians play in my local shopping mall car park in South Africa. They’ve been there by the ticket machines for as long as I can remember and when we go back on holiday, I always look out for them.


This one is from a restaurant in Morocco. i think this short-necked lute-type instrument is called an Oud.


Here are my grandson and his cousin Portia, serenading Great Grandma on her 102nd Christmas day.


My header photo was taken by hubby from above where I was sitting playing the piano in our local mall in Umhlanga. I use to play there twice a week to entertain the shoppers and I think they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Wishing you all a very good week.

To join in the challenge, just click this link.




52 comments on “Pull Up A Seat And Entertain Me.

  1. how cool that you played the piano twice a week at the mall – I know I enjoy when their is live music at the mall – especially the piano!!
    and the various photos today are nice and diverse and let us feel different music and seats!

  2. Some super photos and memories. The Umhlanga gigs seem like yesterday.
    Please repeat your comment on my ‘Rhiannon’s badge’ post β€” it got relegated to spam just by some fingle of my fumbers and I can’t get it back.

  3. So interesting to see you at the piano in Umshlanga, probably the same shopping centre my cousin takes her Mum to, when she is visiting. Good for you, I know they would appreciate your music.

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