Pull Up A Seat And Admire The View

XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ is now into its 40th week and seems to be gaining in popularity.

This week, I dug up some photos from my travels, the first of which was takenΒ  in Puerto Montt, Chile. This larger than life statue is set on the boardwalk of a beautiful bay. I guess it’s supposed to be a loving couple looking out to sea,Β  but somehow it misses its mark as they both look really miserable.


Along the highway in Ambato, Ecuador, a stark-naked young lady was perched on what looked like a very uncomfortable seat, holding out flowers to the passing throng. She must have been about thirty feet high, so very hard to miss.


Costa Rica can get very colourful and here, the local police seemed to be taking it easy even though they weren’t actually sitting on the bench.


Also in Costa Rica was this beautifully decorated church with the seemingly obligatory hard wooden pews. I often wondered when I was a child, whether having such uncomfortable seating was some sort of penance for our sins.


Now here at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, is a much more comfortable place to sit and meditate and it certainly has a view to die for.


I hope you’re all having a great week. Now that it’s autumn here in Florida I keep waiting for the weather to cool down, but it seems to be be taking its time about it.

To join in this challenge, just click the link.


46 comments on “Pull Up A Seat And Admire The View

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  2. Great travel photos again Sylvia, I must admit the couple in the statue at Puerto Montt in Chile do look a bit sad about something! The church in Costa Rica is stunningly beautiful with all the colours, perhaps that takes your mind off the hard benches. Of course, what more can you say about Oyster Box Hotel views, just lovely!

  3. You shared some great shots this week, Sylvia. That couple looks like they have nothing left to smile about.

    And OUCH. The seat under that naked gal looks uncomfortable.

    I believe that pews are uncomfortable so we don’t snooze during sermons.

    • Thanks, Nancy. Your last sentence made me smile, remembering how I almost dozed off in the sermon, whilst sitting in a front pew. I was jolted back to consciousness when the preacher loudly announced the last hymn, which I was playing the piano for. Luckily, I’d opened the hymn book at the right page before leaving my perch, which saved the day and no-one was the wiser. I was a bit hot under the collar though. πŸ˜€

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