Pull Up A Seat Or Not

XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ is now in its 44th week and I still have quite a few seat photos left.

This cute little Bolivian child on the Isla Del Sol, had a very natural seat on the dry sandy ground as she sat with her pet llama and alpaca, waiting for the tourists.


A quick hop across to Barcelona and here I am in Park Guell, taking a seat next to Gaudi’s amazing mosaic lizard fountain. This was long before our move to Florida where we now are inundated with real lizards and iguanas.


Speaking of mosaics, this beautiful bench was for sale at an arts and crafts centre in South Africa with the strange name ‘Piggly Wiggly’.


Of course, I knew where they’d stolen the name from, because on a road trip in 2008 from New Jersey down to Florida, I’d had my photo taken outside one in Charleston. In November the seats under the umbrellas didn’t seem very popular, but maybe in summer it was nice to sit out there.


Deserted green umbrella-shaded seats seemed to be quite the theme in Charleston, as we found at our resort where we stayed for a couple of nights.


If you’d like to take part in XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat’ challenge, just click the link.




27 comments on “Pull Up A Seat Or Not

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  2. The little lass is definitely very cute Sylvia . I think the Alpaca has posed before πŸ˜‰
    Mosaics … aren’t they just wonderful the hours and skill working on them .. mind boggling
    Great assortment of photos Sylvia x

  3. I am in love with that first picture of the sweet child and the llama and alpaca. Sad to have missed Bolivia this time around (although it was a bit volatile there while we were in the region so perhaps it is good that we delayed our visit to a future date to be determined. You still look as young today as you did in the picture in Barcelona!

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