Pull Up A Seat On Holiday

Xingfu Mama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge ‘ is now in its 45th week and I’m still finding photos to share, mostly from our holiday files.

Here are hubby and I resting our weary legs after walking around all the ruins that Athens has to offer.


Our son Jeff, also a bit travel-weary, sat himself down with a slightly more interesting view in the background.


We always seem to be sitting down. Here we are in Central Park NYC. It’s a wonder we ever get anywhere.


Here are Jeff and his dad sitting down in Tombstone Arizona at the bar in Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, the best cowboy bar in the West, dating back to 1880.


And talking of bars and alcohol, here is Bubba our verbose guide at the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Tennessee. He was telling us at great length of how Jack was injured one morning, when in a fit of temper he kicked the door of his safe after he forgot the combination and couldn’t get it open. The injury to his toe spread to his whole foot and turned gangrenous. After having his leg amputated, he died of complications at the young age of sixty-one.


On that sad note, I’ll wish you all a very pleasant rest of the week. Keep calm and live longer.



40 comments on “Pull Up A Seat On Holiday

  1. You’ve relaxed in so many great places on your travels. Love the backdrop in that photo with Jeff. I wanted by those benches in Central Park for many years. I wonder if I wandered past you when you were sitting there, I was not aware of the story of Jack Daniels’ demise. I will think of it whenever I forget to ‘keep calm’.

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  3. The photo of you and hubby having a rest after walking around the ruins of Athens is exactly the way Paul and I felt today when we were out and about on a really hot day…wears you out!
    Interesting story about Jack Daniels..it seems as if he lost his temper once too often!

  4. A see a lovely and loving couple in the first picture πŸ™‚
    I can relate to the story well although it is not exactly the same that I hurt myself because I got angry with something but mostly I carelessly did something and then injured myself. 😦

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