Feathers On Friday: Mr. Peli Just Flew In

Mr Peli has just arrived to check out the lodging conditions for the winter season and I’m sure his friends aren’t far behind.


Looks like Grandpa Igasho will have to share his tree for a while. I hope they get along together.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

50 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Mr. Peli Just Flew In

    • Yes, I suppose it is exotic, but so are your gorgeous brightly coloured birds. Chameleons are carnivores whilst iguanas are herbivores. Iguanas can’t change their colour, although it looks to me that ours do change from bright green to orange as they get bigger and older. Most of them have just a somewhat greyish hue out of mating season.

  1. Mr. Peli has a majestic countenance in his wing span. I look forward to the many conversations that will happen between Grandpa Igasho and Mr. Peli. Should be very very interesting….

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