Pull Up A Seat In Johannesburg

XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ is now on week 47 and I’ve found a few more seats from my travels.

At Johannesburg OR Tambo airport, Nelson Mandela can be found sitting on a bench as large as life.


A bit further along, Jack Daniels, whose premium Tennessee whiskey has become very popular in South Africa, also has his own bench.


On a visit to Johannesburg, our little granddaughter Sienna decided to join the flamboyant ‘cowch potato’ Daisy sitting on a bench reading the ‘Daily Mooews’



Wishing you all a great weekend.

To join in the ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ just click the link.



34 comments on “Pull Up A Seat In Johannesburg

  1. Trying to imagine what would be in the โ€˜Daily Mooewsโ€™ these days.
    ‘Local farmers gather for meeting on lack of sufficient water’ or
    ‘Has the overuse of herbicides and pesticides caused the natural
    world to be out of control?’

  2. oh how fun and your granddaughter is so cute.
    also – they have a similar jack Daniels bench at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge Duty Free liquor store…. I wonder how many of them there are if you found one way over there

  3. You meet up with the most extraordinary people along the way. I am going to join Sienna and โ€˜cowch potatoโ€™ Daisy reading the โ€œDaily Mooewsโ€ I know that there we will have a wonderful conversation. MOO MOO MOO

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