One Word Sunday: Overlap

Debbie’s‘One Word Sunday’ theme, ‘Overlap’, made me think of one of my sister Yvonne’s beautiful African paintings. I love the way the colours and textures overlap one another. This was still on her easel, so maybe there was more overlapping to be done.


Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

79 comments on “One Word Sunday: Overlap

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  2. Hi AD
    Your blog has gone stark raving crazy for me. Not only were the only searchable posts those for Jan 2007, but a whole stack of your comments had been relegated to a deep dark corner of my Spam File, not searchable by normal means. I have recovered them, and will deal with them shortly. Meanwhile I have also, as you see, re-established communication with slightly more up-to-date posts by tracking them down through the recovered comments.
    How WP managed to do all this is a mystery to me.

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