Feathers On Friday: Bird On The Wire

Looking out of my window at breakfast, I saw this female Cardinal patiently waiting for her turn at the bird feeder. He husband was busy eating around the other side and as soon as he was finished, she flew on to have her share. (I had to take the photo through the screen cloth so as not to spook them.)


It brought back memories of my mom when my sister and I were children and how she always made sure to serve my dad first at dinner. I think it was to show that she respected and appreciated how hard he worked to provide for his family.

Wishing you all a very good weekend.


33 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Bird On The Wire

  1. Then again if you could see our Siskins squabbling at the feeder, you might not look on them quite so kindly. Apparently Cardinals have much better manners!

  2. I am often touched at how birds look after one another, and we have birds who take it in turns to sit on the wires above the garden while the others are eating and drinking in the garden.

  3. The serving routine went on in our home, too. Dad first, kids next, Mum last.
    It came as a pleasant surprise when after marrying a ”continental” meals were often presented in a large dish/bowl and diners ate/( or were served when kids were small) what they wanted.
    One reason I loved eating at the In-Laws.

  4. Sylvia this is the way I grew up in rural Canada as well. When visiting still it is very common that the women cook and the men are served first. I think there it came from the days of the men coming in from the field and being fed so they could get back to the work outside. I’m not overly keen that the tradition has continued…

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