Feathers On Friday: The Many Faces Of Mr GBH

As many of you know, Mr GBH our resident Great Blue Heron is my favourite neighbour, but ‘sshush’, please don’t tell my other wild friends here in Florida. I wouldn’t want them to know that they’re not number one on my list.Β  I thought that today it might be fun to show his many faces.

Mr GBH the hunter, haunting the water’s edge searching for his next fishy victim.


He knows that patience pays off and is usually very successful in his endeavours.


Mr GBH the good husband and home-maker. He takes pride in creating a safe and comfortable nest for his wife and family


Mr GBH the comedian. He obviously has a sense of humour as displayed here by the twinkle in his eye and his “Wow, look at me now!” stance. Maybe he was just sunning himself, but I like to think that maybe he’s bragging just a little.


Mr GBH the deep thinker. He’s able to stand for seemingly and age, doing absolutely nothing. He knows that meditation is good for the soul.


Mr GBH the Supermodel. He can also be a bit of a dandy as he shows off his gorgeous blue-gray plumage. He has that pose worked out to perfection.


Wishing you all a happy Friday and a great weekend.


68 comments on “Feathers On Friday: The Many Faces Of Mr GBH

  1. There comes a day when you know that you have met the quintessential personality that brings elegance, grace and beauty to our lives. Mr. GBH has the courage of his convictions, the strength of wisdom, and the eloquence of a poet. He is the perfect companion to have on our grand journey we call life. Many hugs coming your way.

  2. I’m glad to see Mr GBH is still going strong and inspiring more of your beautiful photos, Sylvia. Sorry I’ve not been around much of late in Blogland, but something had to give last year for one reason or another. I’m attempting to get back on track this year, so hope to be around more to visit all my favourite blogs. Sarah x

  3. Sylvia, you’ve caught him perfectly in all of his many iterations! Love the way you described each of them. They always make me think of pterodactyls as they make their squawk streaking across the skies. Terrific post

  4. Wow, Sylvia! What a set of pictures! Awesome job! Even though I cringed when I saw the blood dripping down that poor fish, I know that is Nature. You outdid yourself with these images, dear friend! And I also enjoyed how you described every picture. Nice job!! xo

  5. You have a very nice neighbor. It looks like he loves nature and just lives his life with his family in a very peaceful way. I would love to have folk like Mr. GBH as my neighbor.

    Please have a great weekend.

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