My Podcast Conversation With Rebecca Budd

I recently connected with Rebecca Budd a.k.a. Clanmother, a dear friend and fellow blogger from Vancouver. We had a marvellous conversation via the wonderful world of Podcast. Here is the link to our conversation about how I came to be a blogger and also about my fabulous backyard wild friends here in Florida. I hope you enjoy.

Wishing you all a perfect Wednesday.

51 comments on “My Podcast Conversation With Rebecca Budd

  1. Rebecca is right, Sylvia, you are always make me feel so welcome. I love your blog, you are an inspiration.
    What a pleasure to listen to your lovely voice. Great accent! 😉

  2. I love your accent, Sylvia. I so enjoyed this conversation. I had no idea you are originally from Africa. I hear such inner peace in your voice. What pleasure to listen to your voice and get to know you better. Thank you so much for this podcast!

  3. Ah Sylvia .. that was a great listen ! A lovely collaboration between you and Rebecca. You came across as just the very warm , funny and thoughtful Sylvia I feel I know you to be from your blog and presence here on WP xx
    Always a pleasure to read about your bird and animal backyard goings on … they certainly seem to have many qualities of us humans too …

  4. What a great idea, I really enjoyed listening to your story Sylvia. I have only been blogging since 2015 so it was interesting to hear a little more of your beginnings as a blogger, and also how you feel about all the animals you take photos of in Florida. I have always felt we had a connection, both having lived and having family in South Africa, and also because we both love animals and a good laugh now and then. Blogging friends have been a wonderful addition to my life. Congratulations to you and Rebecca, that was a great podcast.

  5. Sylvia – I was so excited to get the opportunity to listen to your voice! And it was just like I imagined it would be – clear, soft and wisely used. I must chime in with the others – you sound so young too! I have also been with you for a long time – from when I started blogging myself in 2011. You were “the queen of blogging” to me. I guess you still are. In common we have traveling and animals – and will always have. Thank you for letting us listen. By the way – your texting and English is just delightful ♥

  6. Thank you Sylvia! Our podcast was published last night and I am delighted that your message on living within nature and sustainable living has resonated. If we accept that we are part of a wider community, that we are not the only “intelligent” creature that walks this earth, our lives are enriched beyond measure. I especially liked the part where you said that your friends had individual preference where they ate, walked etc. Your kindness approach to life shines light in dark places and changes angst into hope. THANK YOU!!! Many hugs coming your way.

    • Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in your wonderful podcasts, Rebecca. You’ve given me so much confidence, chatting to you like this. It’s something which I have never imagined doing, but you’ve shown me how much fun it can be. I’m sure that my backyard creatures would approve of the fact that they’ve been singled out for inclusion in your ‘Tea Toast & Trivia’. 😃

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