One-Liner Wednesday: Raider Of The Disappearing Birdseed.

Sammy squirrel was delighted to find that the bird feeder had just been refilled.


Hope your Wednesday is going as well as Sammy’s is.

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69 comments on “One-Liner Wednesday: Raider Of The Disappearing Birdseed.

  1. That is a super shot. My photos of squirrels are always taken through the window so are never as clear as this. Every time I attempt an outside shot they always hear or see me and scoot off. The one’s in a nearbyl woodland park are so much tamer than the ones that appear in the garden.

  2. Reminds me of battles with squirrels when we had a bird feeder. They’re incredibly acrobatic raiders and persistent as well. Had to go with an aptly named baffle to confound ours. The phrase that springs to mind here is “cheeky blighter!”


  3. I am delighted that Sammy has come back to claim his dominion over the bird feeder. Have you noticed that he likes to have his portrait taken – such benevolence from his lofty position. So glad to see him again.

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