One Word Sunday: Knot A Real Lion

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday ‘challenge this week is ‘Knot’. This lion’s head was magically created by the knots in a boardwalk plank at our local nature reserve.


To join in Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ challenge, just click the link.

62 comments on “One Word Sunday: Knot A Real Lion

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  2. What I most like about blogs is that I can enjoy a post for more than one day. Happy Monday – thank you for giving me a great (I’m roaring to get started) start to my week. Hugs!

  3. Aww he’s so lovely Sylvia a quirky and benign expression ..definitely to be side stepped for others to enjoy πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Dries. You may be surprised to know that there is a Lion Park here in Florida. I haven’t visited to see if it’s as good as the Kruger. πŸ˜€ Not sure when we’ll be back in SA yet. We were thinking maybe May/June, but we’ll see what happens with this Corona Virus. 😯

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