One Word Sunday: Pareidolia

Two forest creatures having a tête-à-tête, but why stand so close to one another? Haven’t they read about social-distancing?


Hope you’re all keeping a safe distance from your fellow creatures on this beautiful Sunday.

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62 comments on “One Word Sunday: Pareidolia

  1. I have been seeing faces in nature for years, and I never knew there was a word for it until I saw this post. I’ve developed a category on my website which I’ve been calling “About Face.” Have a look when you find the time.

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  3. Great photo .. they both look so realistic …good spotting to get that photo. Hope things are okay with any friends/family you may still have in South Africa. My aunt is in Umhlanga.

    • Thanks, Gerrie. Yes, our family both in England and South Africa are doing just fine. My sister’s daughter and her boyfriend were visiting from Amsterdam and are now stuck in Kloof for a while, but they seem to be having fun together. 🙂

  4. The one on the left looks like a primate. Great shot! They are looking at calling it ‘physical distancing’ here because some folk don’t appear to know what social distancing means.

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