Feathers On Friday: Peri Shelters In Place

We’ve had four pelicans vacationing in the trees at the side of our lake for the winter. This week, we noticed that Peri was on his own. I think his three relatives had managed to get a flight back up north before the COVID-19 travel restrictions came into force. He must have decided to stay and enjoy the warmth of Florida for a while longer.

Now he pretty much has the lake with its abundant fish, all to himself.


I can almost see him smiling here as he frolics around practising take-offs


and landings.


For the moment, life is good and social distancing is no problem for him, as there isn’t much wildlife or even human activity around here at the moment. I feel as though we’re all holding our collective breath in unison, waiting for the next gripping episode.


Wishing you all a safe and peaceful weekend.



69 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Peri Shelters In Place

  1. Ah, beautiful photos of Peri enjoying the waters! You too stay safe, my dear Sylvia.
    It does seem like “we’re all holding our collective breath”, doesn’t it… well said!

  2. What an amazing wing span Peri has, I admire the way pelicans manage to take flight with quite a big body, but when you see the wing span it makes sense.
    Keep well and smiling!

  3. I tried capturing the essence of the pelicans we saw along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, but was unable to do so well. Perhaps one has to be neighbors with a pelican for an extended period to showcase them as beautifully as you’ve done with Peri. Glad you are all managing your way through the crisis.

  4. Our pond is usually filled with ducks but the number has been way down lately. Maybe they are social distancing as well. Great action shots.

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