Pull Up A Seat Challenge: Sitting In My Safe Space

Here’s my seat where I sit and converse with my three goldfish. I sometimes wonder whether they get bored swimming around in the same small pond and wish that they could get out into the big wide world, or maybe like myself they are content for now to be confined to their own safe space, out of harm’s way.


This was my comfortable seat yesterday, savouring a glass of Prosecco whilst contemplating whether my Easter Bunny should live or die. Sad to say, he did not survive the day.


I hope your weekend was also enjoyable.

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86 comments on “Pull Up A Seat Challenge: Sitting In My Safe Space

  1. I like the chocolate rabbit. Had one ( or maybe two) this past Easter. hat was the best way to beat the (self) isolation blues. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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  3. I do like your colourful garden Sylvia. Being surrounded and enjoying nature is a blessing, so relaxing, the wine and bunny help too… Good news about the game reserves and did you see the news about the pandas in Singapore zoo? They have finally mated after the zoo staff have been watching and hoping it would happen for 14 years.im sure the lack of gawking eyes helped…

  4. There is a great deal to be said for the ready availability of one’s own safe space, and hopefully it’s a comfortable one that is shared with a loved one or several. We are very fortunate in that respect; although we can have no direct physical contact with our two daughters and their families for the time being, we still see them nearly every day. I know that many folks are far less lucky.

  5. If I were those goldfish, I would never leave this paradise. I have been giving a lot of thought on the idea of nature as a powerful catalyst for healing. The poets, writers, artists, philosophers have always known that humanity must have connections to nature, but now the economists have entered the conversation. β€œWe evaluate methods to calculate the economic value of protected areas derived from the improved mental health of visitors. A conservative global estimate using quality-adjusted life years, a standard measure in health economics, is US$6 trillion p.a.”https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-12631-6 So here’s to many walks in nature. Many hugs coming your way.

    • Oh, I so agree with you, Rebecca. My sister sent me a message today from a South African vet who had to travel to a game reserve, saying that in all his twenty five years of working there, he’s never witnessed such an abundance of wildlife as he saw today. The shutdown has obviously been very good for the animals.

  6. What a lovely spot. Glad you have a bit of an oasis to go to these days. Here we have no balcony or dedicated outdoor space though there’s enough open space including a big forest and nearby stream to visit all of which is empty enough that often you can’t even see anyone else there let alone be too close to them.

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