It’s A beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood.

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Every morning, hubby and I go for a three mile walk around our community. We are so blessed with the weather here in Florida and as long as we get out whilst it’s still quite cool, it’s really pleasant. We see a few walkersย  and cyclists on our route and always smile and wave, occasionally exchanging a few encouraging words, from the required distance of course. Whilst it’s good to see some of our human neighbours, the beauty of nature is the best thing about our walks.

This lovely garden has a beautiful and fragrant Frangipani in bloom.


Danny and Daisy weren’t taking any chances and crossed the road to maintain social distancing.


Robbie rabbit turned his back on me, just in case.


Sammyย  was also not in the mood for socialising.


The Great Egret just ignored me as he snootily strutted his stuff.


Almost home and time for breakfast, as we passed this lovely Angel Trumpet vine.


I so look forward to our daily walks. As John Muir noted, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”ย  Wishing you all a peaceful and safe weekend.








60 comments on “It’s A beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood.

  1. Your mornings sound (and look) a lot like mine. I do a 3-4 mile loop most mornings amid the birds, flowers, trees. I skipped Friday since it was raining and pouring and really quite soggy out.

    Maybe I need to dust off my camera and take it out for an airing.

  2. What a treat Sylvia .. and all on your doorstep so to speak .. a great start to the day .
    I wonder if there is a Florida i-Spy Nature Book Sylvia ? You surely must be Big Chief I Spy there by now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The Frangipani is gorgeous. We also have a trumpet vine in our yard, it is a late bloomer, probably due to our different weather in southern Ontario. I always enjoy looking at it’s deep orange flowers which last a considerably long time.

  4. Sammy looks like he’s thinking “If I stay still she won’t notice me”. I’ve been going for a morning walk every day too. It’s so beautiful early in the morning. Happy Saturday and stay safe and well.

  5. What a beautiful walk and neighborhood! Always a bonus to see animals and wildlife. While I didnโ€™t grow up with Mr. Rogers in Belgium, I recently saw the movie and it was great. A feel good movie, for sure! It must be getting hot in Florida during the day… Enjoy the cool mornings and lovely surroundings!

  6. Thanks you, Mrs. Rogers. ๐Ÿ™‚ We actually met Mr. Rogers at a wedding once many years ago and he was just as nice in person as he seemed on TV. I love the garden you spotted and my walks help keep me sane as well, as do bike rides for my husband.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  7. Oh, how I miss our daily walks. It looks like we will be able to resume them next Friday…I’m holding my breath!
    Thanks for taking me with you on your lovely walk, Sylvia.

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