65 comments on “Silent Sunday: Stay Safe

  1. He’s quite a reminder the little green man . No mandatory masks here yet , but any day soon I think possibly . I shall to do some research and *fashion some for me to use on any rare visits to grocery shops to top up . I must say it almost feels like I’ve been holding my breath in the store until I get outside again . The performance wearing gloves out and routine of spraying and wiping anything that comes into the house with Hydrogen Peroxide but I like to play safe .Talking of which … take care too Sylvia x

    • My mask is shocking pink with patterned ear loops. I think it would suit you too. I know what you mean about holding your breath in the grocery store, but I’m not sure that a blue face would go with the pink mask. πŸ˜… Hugs to you, dear Poppy. πŸ€—πŸ€—

      • Bless you dear Sylvia .. ha that made me smile πŸ˜‰ and we could all do with more of to do that .
        Shocking pink ! Ooh .. but an excellent choice and so you 😘 I feel . Lovely x

  2. The worry here is that if everyone starts buying up masks they’ll be a shortage for the NHS. I actually ordered a box way back in February before the virus took a hold and before any of us realised how bad the disease would become or that they’d be a lockdown and shortages of PPE. Not that I’m going anywhere to use one so they’ll be for my family.

    We’re told that people have got the wrong idea about why they’re being asked to wear masks. The scientists tell us They’re not intended to protect us from someone who has Covid, but are there to stop us spreading Covid. Though I imagine people will still feel safer wearing one.
    I love your picture, that is so funny! 😷

    • There have been no proper medical masks for sale here since the virus was first made known. We have a couple of cloth ones made by a young woman in our area. Not sure whether they are effective but wearing one gets us into the grocery store. πŸ˜…

      • My 14 year old granddaughter made a wonderful job of making masks from material I gave her. She doesn’t go into any stores. They go out as a family to walk the dog and have exercise but I don’t think she wears a mask. I think we’re hanging on to the ones I bought because we expect to be told to wear one once restrictions begin to ease a little. I’m told masks here are also difficult to get hold of.

  3. See those big eyes? That’s a bit how I feel when wearing a mask…as if I can’t quite see clearly. πŸ™‚ I don’t go out too often where a mask is needed (as I don’t need one to go on a walk), so it still takes a bit of getting used to.


  4. We’re doing a shop about every three weeks, our last one being this Friday just past. We wear masks and gloves, and each week I see a few more people doing the same thing too.

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