Friday Finds Around The Neighbourhood

Seen on our walk around the neighbourhood, a heavenly band of ‘Angel Trumpets’


and a whole village of ‘Toadstools’ that must have magically sprung up overnight.


Wishing you all a very pleasant weekend.

54 comments on “Friday Finds Around The Neighbourhood

  1. I have found that these past 6 weeks of solitude have opened me up to knew ways of looking at the world. I have more focus on the subtle beauty, take pleasure in how leaves unfold and stretch toward the sun, the sounds in the trees, the way the clouds gather and float. Your photos are a testament to this wonderful awakening. Hugs coming across the way.

  2. I suppose you could describe them as the ups (toadstools) and downs (angel trumpets) of a lovely walk, Sylvia! 😁
    You’ve reminded me I have a few toadstool photos somewhere – I shall have to dig them out!

  3. Ah, so that’s what they’re called! They’re so beautiful and i see and admire them every year very near home … Their name makes perfect sense! 😘😘😘😘😘

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