Monday Mutterings

“Hey young Al, haven’t seen you around for a while. It’s all very well sunning yourself on the bank, but actually this happens to be MY patch, so kindly hoppit.”

“Oh, is that so, Mr GBH? I know you think you’re the Mayor of this place, but I’m going with the idea of first here, first dibs and while we’re about it, haven’t you heard of social distancing? You my friend, are much too close.”


“Well, I guess you have a point, but don’t let it become a habit or I’ll have to do something about it.”


“You and whose army? I’m quite a bit bigger than you in case you hadn’t noticed and I have teeth.”


“Hrumph! I didn’t want to stand here anyway. It’s much nicer further along. I’ll leave you to your sunbathing, but I’m sure it’s going to rain.”


“Thank goodness for some peace and quiet at last. That show-off really can go on a bit, but I’m glad he realises that size does count.”


Wishing you all a happy Monday and a great week.





71 comments on “Monday Mutterings

  1. I saw my first in the wild a couple of years ago, and was amazed at the size of the juvenile, and how quickly he ran on land into the water! It terrified me even though I was safely in a boat, so how cool and collected this heron is, just wow.

  2. Hehehe that was quite the exchange between the two. Mr GBH really wants to claim his land all the time. When he sees something, it is his πŸ˜… Hope you are doing well, Sylvia.

  3. You made me laugh, Sylvia. Your storytelling is perfect for the pictures you took. Normalcy still exists. Thank goodness!! Hope you had a great day!! I sure did!! Much love to you! xo

  4. You are a storyteller, Sylvia. I especially enjoy how you bring out individual personalities through photos and conversations. You have a sensitivity and ability to focus on details.

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