My Second Podcast With Rebecca Budd: The Joy Of Music

I recently connected again with Rebecca Budd a dear friend and fellow blogger from Vancouver, and we  had another enjoyable conversation via the wonderful world of Podcast. This time we spoke about the joy that music brings to our lives and I shared some of my memories of how I came to play the piano and the happiness it has brought into my life over the years. Some of you have said in the past that you would like to hear me play and when you listen to the podcast, you will hear me playing the lovely melody ‘The Way We Were’, a song made famous by Barbra Streisand. I hope you enjoy listening.

Just click the link below to be taken to the podcast.

Wishing you all a perfect Wednesday.

38 comments on “My Second Podcast With Rebecca Budd: The Joy Of Music

  1. How nice, how beautiful… I am so happy to hear you dear Sylvia, Blessing and Happiness, stay in safe, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. I’m copying the same comment here, that I left on TT&T!

    So many memories from listening to this post.
    Music has that magic about it. Whether listening to it, or taking about it, the stimulation is undeniable.
    My hubby is a musician/composer/arranger, and I have the joy of hearing live music pretty much every day. I can’t live without it.
    I digress…
    I wanted to talk about the mother and her prodigy. I just laughed when Sylvia said her mom thought she had a prodigy on her hands.
    My sister (RIP) made all of her children take violin lessons. She kept telling me, “we have a prodigy!”
    When I went home for a visit, the prodigy was presented to me.
    The adorable child played “Manitoba Hot Dogs”. This is an early exercise of 6 notes… over and over.
    “Er-ar-or-ur- ru-yr”
    Thank you for this wonderful podcast! Love the piano, Sylvia!

    • Oh my goodness! I had to look up Manitoba Hotdogs and have a listen.😅 Ouch!! Reminds me of when my sister took up the violin and all she could screech endlessly was “The Bluebells of Scotland”. It was truly 😣 How wonderful that you are treated to your hubby’s live music every day. 👏🏻 Thanks so much for listening to our podcast and your lovely comment. 🤗

  3. How absolutely delightful to listen to you both and this time with your piano play. Simply amazing. I so loved it specially then with the story how you began to play piano. It is so enjoyable to listen to you two and ending with a wonderful uplifting and helpful message. Thank you ♥ I had to think back when I had piano lessons, hitting the wrong note next to my dad’s writing desk while he did sums. I felt sorry for him but he was the most patient man I know. I used to love to play 4 hands with my mum, she was really good. It brings back some of the best memories from home. Big hugs Sylvia and Rebecca. It was like tonic to listen to your podcast!

  4. Sylvia and Rebecca, I enjoyed your conversation about music, (and your piano playing too Sylvia) …I don’t play an instrument, but I love listening to music, and it is very calming too. I used to write parenting/resilience articles when I was teaching, and the phrase ”this too will pass” always comes up in research as a powerful tool in building resilience…how lovely your mother was able to pass that on to you.

    • Thank so much for listening, Gerrie. It’s so interesting that my mom’s ‘coping phrase’ is universally in circulation. Resilience is something we all need to cultivate daily during this time of worldwide worry and uncertainty. An attitude of positivity really helps and the belief that things will get better is essential to our resilience building. Hopefully we can pass this on to others who are struggling to see a path through. Hugs to you. xx

  5. I definitely enjoyed listening to your stories and your music, Sylvia. Although the arrangement for that tune was rather complex, it fell together and I recognized it. Music is a welcome balm during these difficult days, and I wish you good luck and great fun teaching your husband to play piano! We all develop more patience as we grow older 🙂

    • Thanks again for listening, Mary Jo. Yes, the piano arrangement was a little complex but very pleasing to play. My husband is a quick learner but at 75, his hands are not as supple as he would wish, so he plays quite slowly, but he’s improving every day. 😃

    • Mary Jo – thank you for your support and encouragement of TTT. We belong to a virtual community that spans the globe and it gives me great comfort that we are facing this time of uncertainty together! Hugs!!!

      • Likewise, dear Rebecca! Your support, kindness and thoughtfulness ground me amidst the abundant temptations of cynicism, anger and fear. While we should be attentive and make important decisions about how we respond to this unfolding crisis, there are abundant opportunities for communities to come together in the ways that matter eternally.

  6. wow! enjoyed so very much, Sylvia. so happy to hear your voice and playing the piano after all these years. great conversation filled with joy, encouragement and gratitude. and the music, all fantastic! 🥰🥰

    • I am so glad you listened in – Sylvia’s voice comes through clearly and calmly even thought we are thousand of miles apart. I was so excited that Sylvia played for us. A big thank you to Chris, Sylvia’s husband, who was the techie behind the music video.

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