Floral Friday Surprise

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”  ~ Lao Tzu

Our Cattleya orchid has been resting for so long, hanging high on the post outside the kitchen window. that I’d almost forgotten about her. She has however, obviously been very busy and yesterday surprised us with two exquisite twin flowers, just in time for hubby’s birthday. What a perfect gift.


Wishing you all a beautiful weekend full of pleasant surprises.


73 comments on “Floral Friday Surprise

  1. Beautiful. It has taken me years to finally grow an orchid which has not died within the first month. Ours is almost six months old, and is on it’s second set of six blooms. Sorry I am bragging on your blog.

  2. Beautiful. What great timing and maybe the Cattleya wanted to be the birthday show 😀 Happy Birthday to your hubby and hope it is a good time together with cake 😀

  3. Have you ever noticed that the “universe” or perhaps “serendipity” has the perfect timing. Two blooms on Chris’s birthday – how else would we be able to explain the coincidence. Have a marvelous day – celebrating with you on our side of the world!

  4. I thought these were gorgeous when I viewed them on my phone, but on a larger screen they’re simply stunning. What a treat…orchids alone are beautiful…but twins…just wow!

  5. What a stunning floral display. That orchid is quite the show off I think! Happy Birthday to your dear husband. The photo on Facebook of the two of you is marvelous. You don’t seem to age. Perhaps you will share your secret. Take care dear friend.

    • Thanks, Sue. It is a spectacular orchid and has of course been moved down to eye level at the front of the post so we can admire it from the breakfast table. I’m hoping the one I’ve hung in its place round the other side will get the message and produce some flowers. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I think we keep each other young. Long may it be so. 🙏🏻😅

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