Not So Mundane Monday Visitors

Once again, my bathroom window was the right place to be, when a pair of red foxes decided to wander through our backyard.

Ms Foxy sat down to have a scratch and looked askance at me pointing my camera her way.


Her partner wasn’t waiting for her and was already on his way to the next house.


Wishing you all a good week with some happy surprises.


60 comments on “Not So Mundane Monday Visitors

  1. Happy to see they look so healthy! (well feed) they are good for the environment, regardless of what some may think.
    Love your photos (as usual) they tell the full story.
    Have a peaceful day dear friend

  2. Funny how foxes seem to be adapting to more urban environments. I flipped the light on in the back yard one evening to let Sissy out and discovered a pair under the bird feeder. I don’t suppose they were looking for bird seed? πŸ˜‰

  3. What a wonderful thing to see, Sylvia! Thanks for sharing with us. Our week is off to a good start and we actually had company at the end of last week and Saturday, one of our daughters and her husband. What a joy to have family and company!


  4. You have a special relationship with serendipity, Sylvia. Have you ever noticed that you are at the right place, at the right moment, with a camera in hand. Or maybe your bathroom window has some form of magic that provide us all with the best way to start our week! And yes, let us be open to the surprises in life. Take care and sending lots of hugs.

    • Thanks so much for your always positive comments, Rebecca. I knew there was a reason why Chris gave me a huge picture window in my bathroom. It’s unusual to have, as all my neighbours have the original smaller-paned windows with opaque glass bricks. They really have no idea what they’re missing out on. πŸ˜€ xxx

  5. WOW … they are beautiful foxes. Nature is finding it’s way
    to your place. I do hope you continue capturing the wildlife
    from you bathroom window. It’s safer, I’m sure. GREAT CAPTURE !!!
    Be safe … Be Healthy … Be Happy 😍
    Isadora 😎

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