Feathers On Friday: Miss Rosie Is In The Pink

Miss Rosie is a very infrequent visitor to our backyard, so it was such a delight to see her again. When I first spotted her outside my bathroom window, she was socially distancing with the Great Blue and the Tricolored Herons. The trio were scanning the lake for a fishing opportunity.


After a while the others got bored and wandered off further along the bank, leaving her alone and before long she obviously saw what she was looking for.


Here, she looks quite pleased with herself, don’t you think?


Wishing you all a splendid weekend, whatever you have planned. Our country club started to open up a bit from the lockdown and we booked to have a meal outside on the covered patio with a couple of friends. Before it could happen though, we got a message that one of the wait-staff had tested positive for the Coronavirus, so they were having to close down again. I can’t imagine when this is going to end as the numbers in Florida are way up again.


73 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Miss Rosie Is In The Pink

  1. Beautiful shots, Sylvia. Things are starting to re-close around here too . . . including the beach cafe.

    I read that a restaurant in Michigan had to close after 85 diners contracted covid there or from someone who ate there. I think I’ll eat at home a bit longer.

  2. We don’t see the spoonbills in our ponds much either but it is a real delight when we do…they are so pretty. My husband is commodore of our yacht club and we just had to re close again because one of our wait staff tested positive. It is very worrisome for all of us here in Florida. Just when the numbers were doing better, they started back up with a vengeance…stay safe.

    • Haha…….I wondered how long it would be before someone commented on the apparently inordinate amount of time i spend in my bathroom. 😀 It’s just that my view out of the kitchen and living room windows are somewhat obscured by the insect screening around the lanai, so not ideal for taking photos. If I see something wandering past, I can usually grab my camera and scoot through the house to catch them as they get opposite my bathroom. 😀

  3. This is what a doctor in Durban had to say …
    “Leave the statistics out for now. I am making an observation based on my experiences. What my colleagues and I have seen in the past week is beyond words,” Singh, who semi-isolating after exposure to a high-risk patient on Tuesday night, wrote on Facebook.

    “We are overwhelmed, afraid and shocked. I cannot go into the details of my ICU but what I can say is that you don’t want to be there as a patient nor do you want your loved ones to be there.”

    And some people are so complacent and still walk around without masks.

    The Spoonbill is beautiful.

    • Yes, absolutely shocking that this administration has bungled everything so badly and are still lying that they’ve done a great job. The vanity of Trump and Pence refusing to wear a mask has contributed to many others also thinking it’s not necessary. I read somewhere that the infection numbers are most probably ten times higher than reported. 😯

  4. I have been watching the Florida numbers rise, Sylvia. Please take care of yourself – be safe. My thoughts are with you. I think Miss Rosie arrived to tell you that all is well and that she practices social distancing too. Miss Rosie has a gracious elegance, doesn’t she? Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you and Chris.

    • Yes, she certainly does indeed have a gracious elegance. Thank you so much for your concern for our safety. We are being extremely careful of course. Can’t afford to let our guard down at this stage of the ‘game’. Hugs back to you and Don. xxx

  5. what a joy for Miss Rosie to come and visit! you captured her beauty and elegance! so sorry about your country club, Sylvia. i hope it will be safe to open soon. have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  6. She is beautiful. From what we see on the news it looks like your chances of having an outing will be limited for while longer. Our restrictions are gradually lifting, but we only have three active cases in our state and they’re all in quarantine.

    • Thanks, Carol. I think we’re going to be stuck here for quite a long while as long as the numbers aren’t going down. It sounds like where you are, the authorities have done a great job at keeping the number of cases so low. 🙂

      • And the community too. As a whole we followed restrictions and stay at home orders, and many people still are. In our state there are three active cases. There’s been an outbreak in Victoria but hopefully that will soon be under control.

  7. Gorgeous birds Sylvia and Good to see abundant food for them too.We have been visiting our daughter and family in Melbourne and they have had a spike after a
    Large family group had a big family gathering, no social distancing or following basic rules and one of them had the virus. So a few suburbs are back in lockdown.(fortunately not my daughter’s suburb.) such is life these days.

    • Thanks, Gerrie. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter and family. The people who flout the guidelines really are a pain, as they are responsible for prolonging this awful pandemic. So selfish and thoughtless of them. 😯

  8. The divine Ms. R is looking lovely but oh, what a big beak she has!! Arizona is spiking, too, and finally a lot more people are wearing masks. We haven’t been out to eat and probably won’t be for some time. Ah, but think of all the money we’re saving. 🥳😳😉

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sylvia.

    • Thanks, Janet. Yes, she does have a rather big schnoz. All the better to shovel up the crustaceans along the water’s edge. I quite like eating at home but we were looking forward to seeing our friends again. Most people here are wearing masks, so not sure who’s responsible for the spiking numbers. 😳

  9. Socially distancing birds! 😂 They still managed to do it within the camera’s lens! They know what they’re doing! We could and should learn from them, Sylvia, if ever we will. Sorry to hear about your plans, but stay safe!

  10. Sorry for the meal cancelation. Though I know the world will go back to some normalcy some day, time is taking its toll. We just went out for a walk today. And I decided I wouldn’t go out for a good while. Too many people on the street, and nearly half not wearing masks? This is not a Covid pandemic. It is a stupidity pandemic. Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

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