Basil Gives A Monday Heads-Up

Basil our backyard basilisk lizard says, Always look up when things are getting you down.”


I had a good weekend apart from the fact that on Friday evening, we noticed that our fridge/freezer had decided to stop working. Isn’t it just Murphy’s Law that if something in the house is going to pack up, it always happens at the weekend when it’s difficult if not impossible to get help. On the upside though, it meant that we had to quickly devour the two Double Chocolate Magnums which had been residing in the freezer for a while. They tasted equally as good eaten from a breakfast bowl with a spoon as they do frozen on the stick.

Wishing you all a positive week ahead.


57 comments on “Basil Gives A Monday Heads-Up

  1. I’m glad that Basil gave us a Monday Heads-Up. While your fridge/freezer was having difficulties, our dryer was gasping for its last breath. I often wonder how our grandmothers were able to cope without refrigeration and dryers. Here’s to a new week of adventures – they seem to come quite unexpectedly and not exactly how we imagined they would. Hugs and more hugs.

    • Our dryer played foul a couple of weeks ago when the drive belt broke. Hubby quickly ordered a new one which arrived the next day and was soon fitted. Hope yours is fixed by now. Whatever did we do without all our amazing gadgets? 😳 I remember when we were first married and had no fridge and for the first couple of years, no washing machine. I had to go shopping every day, walking down the hill to the village for the day’s provisions. Washing by hand and pegging out the wet clothes in the freezing British winters was no fun. Often the clothes were frozen on the line and I had to fetch them in to dry on the fireguard. Those were the days. 😳

  2. Your basilisk lizard looks like something out of Star Wars…. he has a good message too! If you have a broken fridge you might as well enjoy the contents in the fridge!
    Enjoy your week & hope the fridge is soon on the mend.

    • Thanks, Gerrie. I think so too. He does look like an alien. πŸ˜… I’m being very careful with the food and with the help of our bar fridge, I think there’ll be very little waste. Hopefully the repairman will be here tomorrow. πŸ™πŸ»

  3. Oh, I can understand when things do not work at the wrong time. Grad to hear you at least had something going on to help lifting your moods up a bit. Also, you had Basil visiting and that is very nice.

  4. Magnums? Mmmmmm. First had them in France many years during a heat wave. I also love Tom Selleck as Magnum, although he manages to be both cool and hot. 🀭πŸ₯³πŸ₯°. Happy Monday, Sylvia. Love your lizard, too.


  5. Been there done that with freezers. Magnums make a decent breakfast. I love your lizard. He’s one cool dude.

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