Theresa Turtle Prepares For Motherhood

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Theresa, our resident River Cooter turtle was digging a hole in our backyard. I went out to tell her that her efforts weren’t appreciated, but she ignored me and carried on anyway, so I left her in peace.


After googling to find out why she was doing this, I realized that she was preparing a nest in which to lay her eggs. The hole was soon filled in and the grass has since grown over it. I hope the baby turtles will hatch safely and be able to get out, as the mom’s job is done once she’s laid the eggs and she takes no further interest in her brood, so they have to fend for themselves. Apparently it’s a team effort and they take it in turns to dig their way out. Imagine if we humans did the same.

59 comments on “Theresa Turtle Prepares For Motherhood

  1. I think us humans could definitely learn a bit of cooperation from these turtles. How lucky for you to have Theresa leave you a bunch of possible babies! πŸ˜‰

  2. Nature creating a wonderful look into their ritual habits.
    A gift for sure … let us know if the babies come out of their nests.
    I do hope so. They must be able to do it if the mother abandons them.
    Have a super weekend …
    Be safe … Izzy 😎

    • Thanks, Sue. I’m going to keep watching to see if there are baby turtles on the lawn, although with the water being so close by, it’s possible they will scuttle away unnoticed. πŸ™‚
      PS: I left a comment on your post about dogs, but don’t see it there. Is it in your spam?

      • Sylvia I can see your comment on the dog post as well as my reply. I’m hoping I don’t have some weird glitch going on that you can’t see it?

  3. Will they be able to get through the grass, Sylvia? I’ve only seen them emerge from sand (well, on TV, not in person first-hand! 🀣 )

  4. Amazing! It would be so cool to see the turtles come out after they hatch and fight their way to the surface. Yes, imagine humans would cooperate like that!! When we were in South Carolina in April, I saw one of these turtles lay eggs as well. Too close to the walking path for my liking, though!

  5. Good for you being patient and tolerant enough to give the turtle time to lay the eggs. I hope you get a chance to see the baby turtles before they begin their life’s journey.

  6. This is the most wonderful news, Sylvia. Nature prevails, the sun continues to shine, the moon brings light to the night, the seasons come and go – everyday new life begins. What a joyful post to begin my day. Many hugs and love coming your way.

  7. I knew they laid eggs in a hole but I didn’t realise they also filled in the hole and abandoned the eggs. Oh I hope they emerge when you are around, what a great sight. Super Picture, Sylvia.

  8. … πŸ™‚ You will have turtle babies… this is so lovely, but Mr. Aligator is it safe for her… Thank you, Love, nia

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