One-liner Wednesday: Cuteness Through My Window

Sweet little rabbit

Stopped by for a tasty snack

Brightened up my day

Wishing you all a happy midweek.

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49 comments on “One-liner Wednesday: Cuteness Through My Window

  1. Our wild rabbits certainly cause havoc in our garden – trying to garden amongst hundreds of happy bunnies is a pretty big challenge and a whole new learning curve – they’re lovely to watch, though! Amazing photos! E:-)

  2. They are cute, there was one on my doorstep the other day, I was lucky it didn’t just in when I opened the door. I don’t know who was more startled.

  3. Always a joy to come upon a wild bunny, thanks, Sylvia. You captured, on the small photo far left, one of my favorite rabbit sights: when the light is showing through their ears.

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