Pull Up A Seat Week 32: Travel Memories.

Not much travelling going on at the moment, but it’s good to look back on happy times.

Here’s my Mom-in-law eight years ago, when she was only ninety-nine. On our walk around Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey, we sat down for a rest on this beautifully chainsaw-carved owl bench.


Last year, whilst in Key West, we visited the Butterfly Conservatory, where there was of course, a butterfly bench. I think it was designed for decoration rather than comfort.


Not far away, was Ernest Hemingway’sΒ  house and museum. He was a great cat lover and everywhere we looked there were cats lazing around, most of them polydactyl, which means that they have six or more toes on each paw.


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Wishing you a lovely Tuesday.

82 comments on “Pull Up A Seat Week 32: Travel Memories.

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  3. What a blessing to keep company with the woman who’s known and loved your husband longer than you! This looks like a lovely outing in a beautiful place. She’s also blessed to have you as such a loving daughter-in-law! πŸ™‚

  4. Each one of these benches is unique, Sylvia, with the owls and the wise women seated on it, the butterfly, and Hemmingway’s cat descendant. I have never seen a bench quite so extraordinary as that owl one. For one thing, it’s a sculpture that has been finely carved by a chain-saw. For another thing, it was carved from trees still in place. That’s a work of art. Nice photo of you and your MiL.

  5. Lovely to see your hale and hearty mother-in-law at 99! You are both looking very stylish and also keeping warm! I hope you will soon be able to travel again Sylvia, and catch up with friends and family….this pesty virus!

  6. Chris is surrounded by two beautiful, brilliant and courageous women – and let’s not forget as wise as the owls that welcomed them to their bench. These are precious photos, Sylvia. I agree, we may not be able to travel, but we can remember the adventures again and again. I was fascinated by the cats that surround Ernest Hemingway’s house and museum. Why would they be here? Do they have a special way of passing down stories from one generation of cats to the other. A reminder that we have much to learn about our four legged friends. But I digress…. β€œβ€œA cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” Ernest Hemingway

    • Thanks so much, dear Rebecca. Yes, our memories are always there when we summon them to take centre stage. The cats who reside at the Hemingway house have probably passed down stories from generation to generation. They are so privileged because only they are allowed onto the sofas, beds and even the dining table, whereas visitors are forbidden to even touch. 🀣

  7. Key West is a ‘trip’ in itself, however, happy to see you made it to
    Hemingway’s house and the Butterfly Conservatory . Both are well
    worth the visit. Boy, your mother in law really gets around!

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