Floral Friday: Vanda Blooms Again

I have many orchids outside my kitchen window. I wish they could all bloom at the same time, but I’m always happy to see even one in bloom. This week, my orange Vanda is showing her true colours.


I read that this orchid represents “good fortune and happy blessings”, so I smile every time I see her through my window. I’m linking this post to ‘Cee’s FOTD Challenge‘.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Take care and be safe.

53 comments on “Floral Friday: Vanda Blooms Again

  1. A beauty indeed, Sylvia. I understand about wishing they’d all bloom at once, but then they’d all be done at once, too. May be nicer to enjoy less of them over more time?


  2. What fun I have when I stop by for a visit, Sylvia. Beautiful flowers, wonderful friendships and great discussion. Thank you for creating a place that showers joy in our community. β€œFlowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” Luther Burbank

  3. Gorgeous, Sylvia. One of my orchids at home, that has kept its blooms since the start of the pandemic, has started to lose its flowers, but I know it won’t be long it blooms again. Sadly, all of my other orchids are still in my office downtown. 😦

  4. Sylvia how wonderful that these beauties can grow outside. Growing orchids in Canada is a finicky indoor process for those with green thumbs only. This explains why I don’t have any. However my Mom is an orchid whisperer. Have a great weekend and enjoy that lovely bloom.

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