One Word Sunday: Bridge

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ this week, is ‘Bridge’.

Here are some bridge travel memories from our visit to London last year. The photos were taken from London Bridge, one of the many bridges which span the River Thames. The original bridge was a wooden construction, built by the Roman founders of London in 50AD. I wonder what they would think of it now.


The iconic Tower Bridge, officially opened in 1894 is one of London’s most famous landmarks.


In the other direction is Cannon Street Railway Bridge, which was opened in 1866. This bridge carries trains on the Southeastern line over the River Thames to Cannon Street Station.


Looking at these photos makes me long to be able to travel again. We were just chatting on the phone to our daughter in South Africa and to Chris’s mom in England, and saying how we can’t wait to be able to see and hug one another.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

53 comments on “One Word Sunday: Bridge

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  2. From where I sit, it seems we should be building bridges rather than walls, but for the mess we’re in. I suspect the next few months will be rocky ones. We can only hope we get to the other side without much of a struggle.

  3. London Bridge brings back many happy memories of holidays in the UK, and we had planned a really lovely holiday visiting our family and favourite places for this year…not to be of course. Let’s cross fingers we will be able to travel again in the not too distant future…and the same for you Sylvia.

  4. Well this bridge is definitely a far cry from the 50 AD one! Like you, earlier I was contemplating when can I hug the people I love again. This pandemic has eaten most of this year and that is a lot of life lost. It gives me grief sometimes but I suppose all the more reason to hope, too. I wish you are able to travel again soon and you can see your family.

  5. So much history to be absorbed in our capital, but too much ridiculous modernisation.
    I have a feeling that Covid has proved that we longer need atrocious office blocks 50% can work from home πŸ™‚

  6. Although there’s no hugging involved, I’m blessed to be able to see my parents at least once a week now that we live in Arizona. Before that, it was once a year. So despite the pandemic, I’m blessed. Hopefully you’ll be able to travel sooner rather than later. I know I’m looking forward to getting back to France next year.


  7. Thank you for sharing your β€œtravel” photographs and reminding me that β€œthis too shall pass.” Bridges has always been my symbol for transitions. We are moving forward and learning new ways of connecting across the globe. Right now, it feels like we have arrived at the centre of the bridge, and will soon make our way across to the other side. Hugs coming your way – thank you for giving a boost to my day.

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