One-liner Wednesday: We Are The Survivors

Despite the culling of our iguanas, a few have obviously been smarter than the guy with the gun.

Young iggy is still bright green, but he’s already learning to keep a lookout for danger.

“Stepping out with my baby” are Ignatius and Igua, who in time will no doubt give the Iguana Control guy a run for his money.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week.

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61 comments on “One-liner Wednesday: We Are The Survivors

    • I agree with you about too many of us being a problem. I think there are a few reasons why some people want them eradicated but we haven’t had any problems. They just seem to laze around munching the grass.

  1. I love young iggy’s bright green coat. Ignatius and Igua must be very proud parents. I know they they will outsmart the β€œguy.” I found this interesting piece of information. β€œAnother interesting fact is that the iguana communicate through visual gestures. With their outstanding eyesight, iguanas β€œtalk” to each other through a series of eye movements that are easily received by others.” I have great confidence that they will β€œlive long and prosper.”

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