Feathers And Scales On Friday: Let’s All Take A Turn

With the really strong winds we’ve been having in Florida, it was only a matter of time until the leaning palm tree in our backyard, toppled over, fortunately towards the lake and not the house.

Annie Anhinga was the first wild resident to discover it and it soon became a favourite spot for drying her wings in the sunshine.

Next up was Woody wood stork, who also liked to pose there for the odd photo.

I’m happy to report that the Iguana Control guy hasn’t done a very thorough job of ridding our neighbourhood of Iggys, and was delighted to see that a young, bright-green one had also found his way onto the palm trunk for a quick shot, but only with my camera.

In only a few days, the garden service came along with their chainsaw to chop up the tree and cart it away. Annie, Woody and Iggy returned the next morning, only to find that their newfound perch had vanished. I felt quite sad and would have liked to explain to them, but unfortunately they don’t speak English.

Wishing you all a great weekend. Stay safe everyone. (Since updating the software on my Apple watch, it informs me every morning, “You have no events.” Sounds about right.)

72 comments on “Feathers And Scales On Friday: Let’s All Take A Turn

  1. It’s interesting how animals (birds, reptiles, cats) love to PERCH on boxes, bags, and fallen trees.

    I’m always amazed at the root structure of palms . . . you’d think they’d be toppling right and left with great regularity. Glad it didn’t land on your house.

  2. I am glad at least your backyard is the place for Iggy clan and other wild lifes to come be peaceful. I am sure those Iggys are cool with this and would not complain about missing the fallen palm tree.

  3. This has certainly been a windy and rainy year, thank goodness the tree fell the way it did. It is funny how your critters enjoyed the view from the fallen tree.

  4. That was a rather long Palm tree, so really lucky it fell the lake way. Love your animal life in your garden. Sure they find other lovely spots in the garden, they just wanted to try the new perch. Have a great weekend. Not much happening here either….. the highlight of the week is the food delivery πŸ™‚

  5. Yikes that was good luck that the tree headed for the lake and not your beautiful home! I’m sure the wildlife felt you had kindly brought in a most delightful perch. I chuckled at your Apple Watch reminding you of no events. Yes pretty much a world wide state of affairs I think. Stay well and have a good, albeit quiet, weekend.

  6. Annie, Woody and Iggy. I love your friends, Sylvia. What I find amazing is that word gets around in the community. I found this great article that confirms that animals do communicate. Here is an excerpt: β€œIt was only when she began to study philosophy that she saw that animals were almost completely absent from western thought. And when they appeared in science, they were treated solely as objects. This clashed with what she knew to be true from her own experience – that animals had agency, emotions and deeply communicative lives. When a human rides a horse, for instance, she says: β€œThere is a lot of communication going on.” Research shows that the heartbeats of rider and horse synchronise.” https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/nov/13/of-course-animals-speak-eva-meijer-on-how-to-communicate-with-our-fellow-beasts

  7. Seems to have very shallow roots. No wonder they come down in strong winds. A shame it’s gone, the animals seemed quite keen on it. No events here either. Sigh…!

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