Feathers On Friday: A Backyard Meeting

Yesterday through my bathroom window, I spied with my little eye………..a huddle of white Ibis congregating for Thanksgiving.

No doubt they were giving thanks for the abundance of insects, small frogs, snails, worms and fish to be found along the water’s edge.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet, peaceful and delicious and I’m sure we’re going to be eating cold turkey for the foreseeable future, not to mention the delicious Tiramisu I made for dessert.

Wishing you all a great weekend. Stay safe.

58 comments on “Feathers On Friday: A Backyard Meeting

  1. You have the best meetings on Fridays. Such elegance and sophistication in their appearance and conversation. Was thinking of you especially on your Thanksgiving Day. Grateful for your posts and for the follow-up conversation. We have a kind and supportive blogging community, which is a great comfort in these uncertain times.

  2. Looks like they were lining up for your photo Sylvia. Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Even in these challenging times so much to be thankful for, including your dessert I am sure!

  3. I don’t mind the odd turkey sandwich, Ad πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We’ve spent the last couple of days saying goodbyes to people who are going back to the UK for Christmas. Much food and much laughter. Not sure what comes next 😦

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