Feathers On Friday: RIP Little Dassie

My sister Yvonne in South Africa, sent me this photo of a juvenile crowned eagle in her back garden.

In its unusually large talons is one of the baby dassies whose family lives under the garden shed, so no happy new year for him. When my sister first saw a couple of these furry little rodents in her garden, she thought how sweet they were, so started feeding them. After a very short while they sent word to their family and friends that there was a kind human who was giving out free food and that they were all invited. It didn’t take long before the whole tribe arrived in her garden and they very quickly discovered a thriving vegetable patch with lots of juicy morsels just there for the taking and started to strip it bare. Then the eagle arrived and provided a solution to the problem.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy new year. Thank you so much for your visits and comments. I appreciate each one of you.

71 comments on “Feathers On Friday: RIP Little Dassie

  1. Laughing…. Oh Sylvia that’s the circle of life in a nutshell! We seem to keep getting more chipmunks, but then a hawk or owl stop by and provide population control. I suppose everyone is happy. Even the chipmunks had their day in the sun with plenty of seed….
    Hope you’re managing to keep your jungle in check, too! 😜
    Here’s to an improved new year! Hoping it can’t get any worse. 🀞

  2. This is the second time around for me, Sylvia, for your post gave me something to think about as we enter a new year together. Stories are an integral part of the human experiences, but you reminded me that there are many more stories that belong to others who share our world. How did the first dassies communicate that there was kind human? How did the eagle know when the tribe of dassies arrived? Stories are all around us. Thank you for sharing this one with us. Happy New Year. Here’s to all the stories waiting for us to arrive. Hugs!

    • So much β€˜food’ for thought, dear Rebecca. I think it will forever remain a mystery as to how our wild friends communicate. For example, the birds here seem to know when Chris has replenished the seed in the feeder. I wonder if they take it in turns to keep a look out and then send word out via the grapevine. He’s just filled it and I know that in the morning, the ground will be covered in doves waiting to vacuum up the seed which the other birds spill. Even the ducks get word and arrive for their share. I do so enjoy watching them and noting the pecking order, which is very consistent. πŸ˜…πŸ€—

  3. Amazing photo! I had never heard of dassies before – how adorable! But as someone above pointed out – it’s the circle of life. If we want to see a beautiful photo of an eagle, it’s going to have to eat something. And at least the dassies there got to have lots of wonderful days filled with free food, and only one bad moment.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe 2021!

  4. Well that fixed the dassies! it seems they were going to be BIG trouble in the garden, but a bit sad for your sister to see the eagle in action.
    Happy New Year, let’s hope it’s a good one. Always lovely to read your posts…best wishes to you and your family for 2021.

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