One Word Sunday: Gaggle

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday-Gaggle’ reminded me of our Antarctic trip for our 50th Anniversary four years ago. The sheer number of penguins to be seen as our ship neared the shore was quite mind-boggling and I think certainly qualifies as a ‘Gaggle’.

A little closer and we got a better perspective.

Actually the collective noun for a group of penguins is really ‘a waddle’ for obvious reasons.

To join Debbie’s fun challenge this week, just click the link.

Oh how wonderful it will be to travel to far away places again,

72 comments on “One Word Sunday: Gaggle

  1. Penguins on land definitely waddle but in the water, they’re fluid and beautiful. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was a video of penguins swimming to the rocks, popping out of the water, and then waddling away. The contrast was hilarious.


  2. What a wonderful experience seeing penguins in their natural environment. My son was obsessed with penguins when he was a little boy. On his sixth birthday, we took him to a little zoo where they looked after the penguins very well (as far as zoo go) and, as the birthday boy, he got to help the keeper at feeding time. He was in his seventh heaven, but I know that almost 30 years on, he still loves penguins and I’m sure would love to visit them in Antarctica now he’s a big, strapping bearded man!

  3. I am so glad that you are going back into your travel photos, Sylvia. They are spectacular. I am learning how to envision myself in photos. And today, I am enjoying the waddle dance that will keep me entertained all day long!

  4. It is a joy to see this gaggle or waddle of penguins in the Antarctic, Sylvia. It is breathtaking to see such a large congregation of birds like this, and you did a good job of bringing them in closer for us to enjoy. Great way to celebrate 50 years together.

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