One Word Sunday: Small, Smaller, Smallest.

Whilst visiting our family in New Jersey, a few years ago, our smallest granddaughter Taylor,

presented me with a drawing that she’d made of us all. I thought it was so cute how she’d lined us all up with granny and granddad being the tallest, then her mom and dad, slightly shorter, followed by herself, her older sister and then her younger brother being the smallest. It was also good to see that we all had smiley faces.

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Wishing you all a very happy February, which happens to be the smallest month.

71 comments on “One Word Sunday: Small, Smaller, Smallest.

  1. Lovely to see the photo of your granddaughter Sylvia, I know everyone says it, but they grow up so quickly. She drew a very nice family drawing of you all. I hope you get to see her and the rest of the family very soon.

  2. Taylor is adorable, Sylvia. There is a vibrancy of spirit in her smile and wisdom in her eyes. The pearl necklace gives an elegance and those flowers – one on her hat and the other on her dress are irresistible. She has what Coco Chanel said many years ago. β€œA girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” She has your marvelous style, Sylvia!!

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